"My experience with Miss Sujana has been absolutely amazing! Ranging from the very effective and functional  vocal warm-ups to helping me with expanding my voice and range. Ever since she became my teacher, the consistency of my high notes have been effortless. She has done wonders and will continue to in the future. Adding on to that, she is amazingly supportive! I have been very lucky to have her as my vocal coach!"

-Jasmine Trujillo

"My experience with Miss Chand ranged over a few months as she helped me prepare audition songs for music theatre programs at my dream universities. Although our time was brief, I was able to notice dramatic improvements in my vocal abilities. Miss Chand has a very charismatic and encouraging personality and was always willing and able to adjust specific exercises or techniques to whichever ones benefitted me the most. I am infinitely grateful that I was able to have someone as effective and inspired as Miss Chand to help prepare me for such life-changing auditions" 

-Leah Ghermey

"Sujana was a colleague who became a friend. I came to her with a difficult task : to make me sound like not such a bad singer for a wedding. She took on the challenge with great enthusiasm and made our meetings fun -alleviating the pressure I had put on myself. Thank you for making me aware of the importance of breathing."

-Olivier J. Renaud

"I would have you as a coach anytime!"

-Jean-Francois Faber

"Working with Sujana has always been a positive experience. She is a friend as well as my vocal coach, and also such an inspiration! I feel that when working with her, I am in more control of my breathing, diction, and my vocal range because she listens to what I sound like each time in order to give me the feedback I need to become a more well-rounded vocalist. I have endless appreciation for Sujana, and I'm so pleased to be one of her students."

-Haley McNeely 

"Sujana is a thoughtful, insightful, and knowledgeable vocal coach. She takes the techniques of singing and combines them with the specific needs of the individual. As a seasoned actress as well, she infused the art of acting into the mix, for a well-tailored, creative, life-enriching experience. I would highly recommend Sujana as a vocal coach regardless of level."

-Moushumi Ghose