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Vocal Coaching

Are you a trained singer with a specific goal you would like to reach? Are you a superstar shower singer who just wants to have fun discovering the joys of singing?Are you interested in bringing your songs to life through storytelling? If any of these resonate, Sujana is the coach for you! Based in technique, Sujana brings her experience and acting in the practice and development of each song. Not only will you learn the best vocal techniques for your particular tone and register, you will also be given valuable tools for connecting to the lyrics of the song. 

Pricing : 

1 hour = $60

45 minutes = $45

30 minutes = $30

*Sujana is not an accompanist. She is a singer and vocal coach. She will be using tracks during some of the sessions. 

Introductory offer : 50% off your first lesson. Book today! 


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